Mosquito Control in Abilene

Man mowing lawn. The Key City is full of outdoor destinations, like Abilene State Park and Fort Phantom Hill. We can stroll along Cedar Creek, enjoy wildlife at the Abilene Zoo, and go back in time at Buffalo Gap. But there’s one thing we can’t do—avoid aggravating mosquitoes. You’ll need bug spray when you’re out in the wild, but you shouldn’t have to when you’re home. Let Mosquito Joe® make your yard a sanctuary with mosquito control in Abilene.

Benefits of Utilizing Mosquito Spraying Services in Abilene, TX

At Mosquito Joe of Abilene, we know you might be on the fence about investing in mosquito spraying in Abilene, TX. However, we’re here to put your mind at ease and teach you about the many benefits of mosquito control in Texas! You can experience a wide range of benefits with our services, such as:

  • Reduce harm to pets: With mosquito spraying in Abilene, TX, you can help protect your furry loved ones from the dangers of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes spread multiple diseases, such as heartworm, which can be fatal in pets if not treated in time. With our services, you’ll add an extra layer of protection for your pets’!
  • Reduce harm to humans: While outdoor activities are great for staying active and getting Vitamin D, mosquitoes can be a significant hindrance. With mosquito control, you can rest assured that you’ll minimize itchy and painful bites.
  • Reduce the risk of disease: Mosquitoes carry a variety of dangerous conditions, such as the West Nile virus or Zika virus. With Mosquito Joe of Abilene’s spraying services in Texas, you can reduce the risk of your family and pets getting sick from mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Reduce mosquito population: One of the most significant benefits of our services is that we can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home!

Professional Mosquito Spraying in Abilene 

Mosquito Joe service professional treating yard for outdoor pests. Family fun or working in the yard can be nearly impossible once mosquito season is in full swing. Instead of itching, scratching, and running for cover this summer, we have a better idea. Let Mosquito Joe spray those annoying mosquitoes away so you can reclaim your backyard. Enjoy a swat-free summer when you invest in mosquito spraying in Abilene.


Traditional pest control for mosquitoes uses products and methods proven to deliver effective, long-lasting protection from pests. Trained service professionals use backpack sprayers to target foliage and create a barrier. Conventional mosquito pest control in Abilene protects your family for up to three weeks.


Natural pest control is effective against mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. Our eco-friendly mosquito control in Abilene protects you for up to 21 days. Whether you choose botanical or all-natural mosquito control, Mosquito Joe will help you take back your yard.

  • Botanical: Botanical mosquito spraying in Abilene relies on Mother Nature for natural and effective pest control. Essential oils like rosemary and lemongrass can be used around ponds and gardens and repel mosquitoes for weeks.
  • All-Natural: You may love the flavor and aroma of garlic, but mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests can’t stand it. Mosquito Joe’s all-natural garlic mosquito repellent defends against many common backyard pests for weeks at a time. And yes, garlic repellent does have the signature aroma, but only pests will smell it after a few hours.

Mosquito Joe voted best for mosquito control by CBS Essentials.Why Choose Mosquito Joe for Mosquito Control in Abilene?

Mosquito Joe is a locally owned business that partners with urban entomologists to create the ultimate mosquito control. We also team up with the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) to promote natural alternatives. Together, we raise awareness of eco-friendly outdoor pest control in Abilene.

Our Abilene pest control services meet federal and local regulations and are proven to get rid of mosquitoes. Plus, you can try mosquito control services in Abilene risk-free. The MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee is included with every service for peace of mind. If the results don’t make you happy, call within two weeks, and we’ll retreat if required at no cost.

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Make this summer one of the best ever when you let us turn your yard into the haven your family deserves. Let Mosquito Joe send mosquitoes packing and make outdoors fun again. Get your personalized quote for mosquito spraying in Abilene and enjoy an itch-free summer.